Street Fighter 6: Ed is a new additional character in DLC, trailer and release period

Street Fighter 6 will soon expand its battle squad with its arrival AndNew additional character to appear in DLC, trailer this also announces the release date.

Ed is “boxing's bad boy with psychic powers”, as he is described rather curiously but also endowed with a heart, at least according to the official description, “almost ready to show you how he represents a pretty defined image of power”.

It's actually a pretty complex presentation for a character who seems to have some idiosyncrasies.

He is a warrior who specializes in boxingtherefore his fists are his main feature, but he also does not disdain some special techniques granted by psychic powers that distinguish him from others.

A return from previous episodes

And he first appeared as a non-playable character in Street Fighter IV and later playable In Season 2 of Street Fighter V.

It is linked to the Balrog, but is later captured by Shadaloo to become a possible replacement organ for M. Bison, given its great potential for physical combat and psychic powers.

In Street Fighter 6, Ed retains many of his signature traits, from his fighting style to his overall aesthetic, as well as his signature short hair. It can also be obtained for free by owners of the Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition of Street Fighter 6.

It also falls within the scope 1st Year Character Cardor can be purchased separately as a separate DLC. The launch is planned for February 2024, the exact release date of Ed remains to be known. We recently saw the game surpass a new sales record.

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