x Scream Among Us: Ghostface skin is reinstated for a limited time

Innersloth has made another one available Among Us, Ghostface-inspired skin, the serial killer of Scream on the occasion of the release of the 4K blu-ray of the sixth movie in the series. Exactly, let’s talk about Ghostface’s Scream Mask and Scream Robes.

These skins were first released in Among Us in April 2022, but are only available for a month. But now they’re back. You must log in to the game to claim the skin. From 7 to 21 July 2023: once obtained it will be yours forever.

Between Us and the Scream

Ghostface from Scream

between us is a social inference game in which a group of players take on the role of “Crewmate” in a sci-fi setting. Their goal is to complete a series of tasks (very simple mini-games). But among them there is an impostor whose mission is to kill other players unnoticed. Survivors can request a meeting to eliminate another player they believe is a rogue.

To shout instead, it’s a meta-slasher-style horror movie franchise. Ghostface, whose mask you can now get, becomes a murderer in every movie, even though the person behind the mask changes in every movie. The sixth film follows Melissa Barrera as Sam Carpenter, who is attacked by a new Ghostface while in college in New York.

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