Honkai: Star Rail, update 1.2: release date, new banners, free Yukong and Pass and other news

Honkai: Here’s all the news announced by Hoyoverse during the livestream presentation of the Star Rail 1.2 update.

Hoyverse presented the new arrivals today Honkai: Star Rail With’1.2 update. We have summarized below All details sharedincluding the release date, upcoming posters and upcoming limited-time events.

Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 1.2 will be called “Even Immortality Ends” and will be available on PC, iOS and Android from: 19 July 2023. As you know, the PS5 version, which will be released in the last quarter of 2023, is also being worked on. During the livestream, as usual, three promo codes were announced to redeem 300 Stellar Jade for free and other useful stuff. resources.

This is a highly anticipated update by players, because will activate the events of the plot After the abyss that abruptly interrupted the Xianzhou Luofu adventure in version 1.0, it offers new main quests and two secondary quests starring Yukong and Kafka. There will also be two new locations to explore, new enemies and bosses, and chests to open.

As a result, the variety of situations in the Forgotten Hall and the Simulated Universe will also increase. The latter will see the introduction of new worlds up for grabs new Planar Decoration setsthis will further increase the options for building structures.

Posters with new characters: Kafka, Blade and Luka


With version 1.2 of Honkai: Star Rail, new playable characters will be released, namely 5 star Kafka and Blade and 4 star Luke.

In the first phase of the update, banners The 4-star characters Arlan, Sushang and Natasha and Blade. In the second stage, Kafka will be accompanied by Luka, Sampo and Serval.

knife blade he is a 5-star character of the Wind element and the Path of Destruction, specializing in offensive skills that sacrifice his HP to increase their effects. His ability consumes some of his life energy to increase the power of standard attacks. His ultimate also consumes the character’s HP to launch a powerful attack on an enemy and nearby targets.

kafka He is a 5-star character of the Lightning element and the Void path, and can deal massive damage to enemies through his modified state of Shock, which damages enemies over time. His Ability and Ultimate Ability can target multiple enemies at once, and when an ally basic-attacks a Shocked target, Kafka performs an additional hit.

Luke He is a 4-star warrior of Element Physical and Path Nihility. With his Ability, he can inflict Bleed state, while his Ability accumulates stacks of “Fighting Will” that empower his basic attacks. In addition to dealing damage to the hit target, his ultimate also reduces their defense, which can be very useful for boss fights.

Limited-time events, Yukong, and a free 10-Star Railroad Special Ticket


L’main event The new version of Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2 will be “Tales of the Fantastic” with special battle combat rules. Stellar Jade and other useful materials can be obtained, which is always useful.

Other upcoming events include the “Underground Treasure Hunt”, where we are treasure hunters in the Belobong Underground through a mini-game; “Where Are You, Mystery Trotter”, where we will hunt elusive Warp Trotters; “Planar Fissure”, which will offer greater rewards in the Simulated Universe; Double award “Realm of the Strange” from Caverns of Corrosion.

The news does not end here. As of version 1.2, all players will receive the character when you first complete Stage 1 of Forgotten Hall: Memory of Xianzhou free Yukongwhere you can read our guide for the best build.

Also, the Odyssey Gift sign-in event it will bestow will return 10 Star Rail Special Tickets It’s free just by logging into Honkai: Star Rail.

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