Will Star Fox return? For the programmer of the first game, yes, but the last games did not convince him

star fox will come back? Yes, according to Dylan Cuthbert, the showrunner of the original episode of the saga. But he believes that the final episode, which we remember was released on Wii U seven years ago, failed to respect the style of the saga.

The information comes from someone recent Interview with VGCMeanwhile, Cuthbert was asked if he expects Star Fox to return at some point.

“Oh, I’m sure [tornerà]”, replied cuthbert. “So they keep trying, right? They keep trying before they get to the bottom of it.” He adds: “In my opinion, the original was born out of the British Amiga-style 3D games of the period, games like Star Glider or Carrier Command. It was inspired by those, and a little bit inspired by Star Wars Arcade. It was merged into Namco’s Starblade. And then the whole thing.” “It had the Nintendo character structure, all the characters and everything, which made it very family friendly.”

Modern Star Fox games do not convince the programmer

Star Fox Zero

Cuthbert explained that, in his opinion, modern Star Fox games are missing at least one of these elements, meaning that none of them manage to recapture the tone of the original. “I think the combination of all those elements is what makes Star Fox Star Fox,” Cuthbert said. “Some of the new games, like the Namco version, they’re all great games, but they’re always missing that element, that kind of old-school British 3D shooter.”

When asked if he was tired of talking about Star Fox after all these years, Cuthbert stated that he was wearing a Star Fox T-shirt and replied: “I think it’s still a pretty original game, don’t you think? Even now there is no game equivalent to Star Fox, I think that’s why it stuck in people’s minds. “It’s a strange but still pretty unique title and I think it’s really cool.”

“However Star Fox didn’t bore me, Really. It was a fun project, fun to do, I was very young at the time, but it was a really positive experience. “It’s only a year of development, with everything in it, and it was just a few of us working on it.”

Do you agree with Cuthbert’s words?

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