Lords of the Fallen: details on duration, graphics modes, DLSS and New Game Plus

Developers at Hexaworks released a Official FAQ related to Lords of the FallenAnswering the community’s top questions like console graphics mods, duration, New Game+, customization and much more.

As for the duration, the development team says Lords of the Fallen will take average time 35 – 40 hours to access loans. However, they also add that this time will take longer for those who want to complete the game 100% or are new to the souls-like genre.

Speaking of difficulty, Hexaworks states that the game is designed to guarantee a challenge. high difficulty and there won’t be selectable difficulty levels, but they also offer reassurance that this is an experience that even the least skilled players can access. In particular, they report that thanks to the cooperative it will always be possible to level up your character to overcome seemingly impossible difficulties or rely on the help of other players.

Speaking of multiplayer, Lords of the Fallen will support the game. cross-play but not between consoles of different platforms. This means Xbox and PlayStation players will not be able to play together, but they will be able to play with players on PC.

Another detail is that it is possible avoid infestations altogether in our game. There are two options in this sense: disabling multiplayer entirely from the menu, or disabling it via a consumable sold by a particular computer, which temporarily prevents you from being invaded.

Graphics modes and New Game+

on the subject Graphics modes on PS5 and Xbox Seriesdevelopers say there will be classic Quality and Performance presets. The first will lock the frame rate at 30fps, while the second will target 60fps. In both cases, the resolution will be increased from 1440p and 1080p respectively to 4K, as revealed in a previous interview.

But on PC you can obviously increase the graphics quality, resolution and frame rate depending on your hardware (hardware requirements are given here) and graphics quality. support for both NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR. In addition, on this platform it will be possible to freely reassign the keys by playing with the mouse and keyboard.

when it comes customize Hexaworks promises a diverse and deep creation editor that allows you to change your character’s hairstyle, tattoos, scars, and even silhouette. It will also be possible to color the metal, fabric and leather parts of the armor optionally. They also confirmed that it will be possible to find every piece of equipment in the starting classes throughout the adventure.

Finally the developers confirmed the existence of the mod New Game PlusThis feature is unlocked upon completion of the game, allowing players to freely choose whether to try a new game immediately or continue exploring the world of Lords of the Fallen after the credits.

New Game + brings with it several changes and innovations designed to add more challenges to players:

  • All “Ancient Traces” (game control points) outside the hub area are disabled. This means players will have to rely on the remains of saplings (which they create) to progress through the world. This further increases the difficulty, as you can only have one relic of your own creation at a time.
  • The power of enemies increases significantly and encounters become even deadlier than the first time.
  • Enemies’ resistance to the elements improves dramatically.

We would like to remind you that Lords of the Fallen will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series. 13 October 2023. Here is our test.

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