Will GTA 6’s launch price be $150? There is such a rumor

According to a new rumor; GTA 6 should be started on: price stratospheric 150 dollars Due to development costs exceeding $2 billion. What powers this indiscretion is its source: a conversation between two Rockstar Games developers found among the files of last year’s massive data theft.

Is it an exaggerated price?

How much will GTA 6 cost?

The conversation about GTA 6 would take place in 2022. Rockstar Games acted very decisively in the operation to remove the games from the network. accurate informationbut he also failed to destroy everything, so much so that news about him continues to appear. Naturally, such activities gave strength to the rumors that began to proliferate.

Of course, nothing is confirmed for now, so take the news with caution. In addition, Rockstar has not even introduced GTA 6 yet, even though it seems to be the game that Bill Clinton wants most.

In any case, we think that a similar price would not please many players.€10 increase Average price of games with the latest generation consoles.

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