Netflix’s One Piece series leaves behind the third season of The Witcher

There Netflix series related to a piece It looks like it headlined a great debut on the streaming platform, racking up a huge number of views overall Higher than the third season of The Witcher.

Particularly the scores of One Piece (review here) 18.5 million views and 140 million hours watchedAccording to Netflix measurements, it exceeds The Witcher’s 15.2 million views and 73 million hours of viewing.

Instead, it falls within the scope of live action transfers The controversial Cowboy Bebop, based on the hit anime, was canceled after just one season and was watched for 21.6 million hours in its first four days.

big surprise

One Piece, the three main characters of the Netflix series

Looking at absolute numbers, the One Piece series does not seem to have much chance of surpassing Netflix’s most successful productions, but it turned out that the series was a success. big surprise On a qualitative level, Eiichiro Oda’s manga and the anime based on it won the appreciation of many fans.

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