Unrecord is a shooter so realistic it can look fake: here’s the trailer

deregister is one very realistic shooter from look fake: The game developed by DRAMA, which suddenly appeared on Steam, was caught in the middle of the discussion that those who claim to be fiction and fiction films, instead, talk about Unreal Engine 5. trailerWhat are you thinking?

It was described by the authors as a tactical shooter in which we control a policeman.bodycam style framingThe game promises complex dialogues, innovative mechanics, moral dilemmas and a very unique combat system, as can be seen exactly. video when the character fires at the enemies.

The official synopsis says that the plot of Unrecord can be compared to a detective story or a thriller: the protagonist will have to investigate various crimes and deal with a large number of characters and many surprises.

Telling whether the game is real or fake is actually complicated: Watching it in motion looks like a movie with added graphics, while static images make for more plausible solutions for a video game.

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