Resident Evil 4 played Shinji Mikami remake and really liked it

Shinji Mikamioriginal director Resident Evil 4said he had played the remake is this loved it: Invaluable recognition, considering the Japanese author is widely regarded as the father of Capcom’s survival horror series.

A few weeks after saying goodbye to Tango Gameworks, Mikami wrote on Twitter that he had successfully completed the game and enjoyed it, citing Leon and Ashley in a photo that looked like one of the last sequences of the Resident Evil 4 campaign. .

After directing the first episode of Resident Evil, in 1996 Shinji Mikami returned to work on the franchise on the occasion of the 2002 remake, and then for Resident Evil 4, the episode that marked the action milestone for the brand.

Not only that: the fourth installment of the saga, which was received with great enthusiasm by both critics and the public, soon became a true reference point for all third-person games.

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