Transition from ResetEra to NeoGaf continues after Avalanche game was censored –

Hogwarts Legacy it’s not out yet, but it already seems to have had a significant impact on the gaming public: moving thousands of users from the forum ResetErawhere game discussions are prohibited, NeoGafI am happy to welcome them.

In reality, one could almost speak of a comeback to the group, given that ResetEra was born out of a mass fling from NeoGaf due to some sexual harassment allegations raining down on its founder, Evilore.

The facts should be known, but it would be more correct to summarize: ResetEra executives took a radical decision against Hogwarts Legacy for transphobia accusations against JK Rowling for some of her words against the equating of transsexuals with real women. and his own (let’s say a TERF, which in Italian means trans-exclusionary radical feminist or trans-exclusionary radical feminist). Because he owns the intellectual property rights on which the game is based, many have urged players to boycott it, so as not to let it make money and thus fund transphobic movements. In fact, any discussion about the game is blocked on Resetera.

However, many did not take it well, because they would prefer it. talk about itConsidering that it is the game of the moment and is not meant to express positive opinions about it. In short, the protection of certain locations is also understandable, but the total censorship is still unpopular, causing a large proportion of users who switched to “competition” in search of more freedom to post. speech

In short, Hogwarts Legacy has already had some tangible effects, at least on the public that discusses video games, and eventually further radicalized positions in the field. Meanwhile, the Avalanche game seems to continue to sell very well in various online stores. For example, it has been in the top 10 of the best-selling premium games worldwide for weeks on Steam.

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