Fight Forever doesn’t have a release date yet, why is it waiting for ratings? –

According to one rumor, AEW: Battle ForeverNew wrestling game developed by Yuke’s, there isn’t one yet release date official because pending ratings By ESRB: It seems that the title has been submitted to the American commission in recent months, but the commission has classified it differently than THQ Nordic and All Elite Wrestling expected.

Announced in May of last year, AEW: Fight Forever apparently teen ratingbut as stated in the first fragments, but the amount blood and violence they would be blocking it, and therefore the publisher has not yet announced when it will be available in stores.

The good news is that after a few tries, the classification process seems to be finally coming to an end, and while it’s not yet clear what the ESRB’s timing will be, we anticipate an official announcement with the launch date is coming soon. after that.

But meanwhile, 2K Games announced WWE 2K23 and has set the game’s release date as March 17: a window that AEW: Fight Forever will likely avoid using for obvious reasons.

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