Tower of Fantasy: 7 million downloads and $83 million in mobile revenue

It just looks like Fantasy TowerPerfect World and Hotta Studio’s action RPG were a huge hit. 7 million downloads all over the world and 83 million dollars so far only in revenues from mobile platforms.

Add to this the results from consoles: Tower of Fantasy is actually now available on PS5 and PS4 as well, and this could broaden its horizons even further, even if it’s normally the bulk of the work for this type of game. continues to concentrate on portable platforms.

As a response to Perfect World’s Genshin Impact, it seems that even though MiHoYo is still a long way off from its direct rival, the game still manages to earn its fair share of the public.

What is Fantasy Tower?

It is an action RPG with MMO elements that takes us to a fantasy world. science fiction characterizationtherefore, it has a very different segment when compared to other similar titles.

It’s true that analytics companies found a remarkable result fall in interest in game compared to its early days in the mobile market, but that’s a pretty physiological trend for this type of game. In any case, depending on the support provided by the Hotta Studio team and its arrival to PlayStation consoles, it will be necessary to evaluate it in a longer period of time.

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