Alien Hominid HD returns to PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, announcement trailer

Alien Humanoid HD It’s about to return to modern platforms and beyond with the re-release of The Behemoth, which promises to stage an even more enhanced version of the famous 2D scrolling action. PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switchpresented in a way trailer.

There isn’t one yet release date However, Alien Hominid HD will reach the mentioned platforms in this new form in 2023 and a more precise announcement will come “soon”.

Otherwise, the core content will be the same as the original with some retelling and rework to improve the look and feel.

Alien Hominid HD: Live Arcade’s former glory

You can get to know him better by accessing the original Alien Hominid HD’s review on Live Arcade, even published in 2007, on these pages. game one scrolling action platform game It features the typical 2D graphics that are the stylistic hallmark of The Behemoth team, with hand-drawn illustrations and the team’s typical sense of humor.

The game has several modes that offer some typical features of the classic arcade with co-op multiplayer and single player. In it we find three difficulty levels and a variety of content, including typical mini-games such as Super Soviet Missile Master, All You Can Eat, Neutron Ball and others.

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