Tom Henderson – Project U and Xdefiant are not among the games canceled by Ubisoft, according to

Insider Tom Henderson reported Project U And defiant I’m not among canceled games from Ubisoft. The two titles are actually still largely unknown even though they both have active official sites, but given the requests for clarification from Henderson and other insider interventions on the matter, it’s clear someone wants to be able to play them.

Henderson spoke before Project U and said, “For the few who ask, this is[Project U Ed.]It wasn’t one of Ubisoft’s canceled titles and is still in development.”

SweetCherry intervened, stating that even Xdefiant was not canceled under his post. console beta which will start soon. Henderson confirmed SweetCherry’s words, describing Xdefiant as a great game: “It’s as if MW 2 and 3 had a child.”

In short, if you’ve been waiting for Project U and Xdefiant, you’ll be happy to know they still exist.

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