Super Mario 64 – A sequence of the movie trailer recreated on

After that Trailer of the movie Super Mario Brothers., the character’s fan base is in disarray. One of the many manifestations of confirmation of what has been seen is the work YouTuber Coda has done to reproduce some sequences of the trailer inside. super mario 64. In the particular case you found at the beginning of the story, let’s talk about the dialogue between Bowser and the king of the penguins.

After all, the inclusion of penguins immediately made me think of the Nintendo 64 classic, so the connotation was really natural. Sure, Coda got a little daring with the animations and directing, but the scene remained essentially the same and the details are beautiful, albeit naturally a lot less.

Following the success of the video, Coda promised to draw more inspiration from the trailer and the movie. We’ll see what it produces. Meanwhile, Super Mario Bros., made by Illumination (the same studio as the Despicable Me and Minions series). We can go and watch the trailer of the movie.

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