Todd Howard says Morrowind is a big hit on Xbox and helps Bethesda move forward

Wired magazine recently interviewed Todd HowardThe president of Bethesda Softworks also reveals the following fact in an interesting video tracing his career: The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind actually a Great success on Xboxhelping all of Bethesda navigate a difficult time.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind was one of the biggest special First on Xbox, at a time when such RPGs were only available on PC.

However, the special concept of the Microsoft console made it suitable for such a project.

The video is made just in time for the 22nd anniversary of the first Xbox, which makes the revival of Morrowind, one of the emblematic games of the first Microsoft console, especially meaningful.

Todd Howard’s memories of Morrowind and Xbox

“Going back to 2000, Microsoft was designing the Xbox and technically it was a very good thing for us, it’s a great console. computer style“There was a lot of stuff about a hard drive and classic consoles instead,” Howard explained in the video.

“The big question was: How do we transfer the controls and all the typical systems? Luckily we’re all here today because that game was a huge success. This shocked me: obviously the game did well on PC, but on Xbox everything in its era was a game Best selling after Halo“.

It was truly a special sight to find an RPG with a classic plot like Morrowind in console sales right after Halo. Strangely, this cycle ended in recent years with the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft; In a way, this was a result of the long-standing collaborative relationship between the two companies.

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