SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice is on deep sale for the first time on Amazon Italy

Open Amazon Italy There is an offer for SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice On PS4 and Xbox One on the occasion of Black Friday 2023. The discount shown by this promotion is 19% compared to the average price. You can access the product from this address or via the box below.

average price The amount stated by Amazon is €40.55. The current price is the lowest ever for the platform. We would also like to point out that the game has not been on sale on Amazon for a long time (almost a year) and its price rarely drops below €40. Considering that the price does not decrease easily even in the digital environment, we recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity if you still need to catch up with Sekiro. Sold and shipped by Amazon.

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice is a masterpiece among masterpieces

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice pits us against many powerful bosses

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice is one of FromSoftware’s many masterpieces. Although the company is inspired by soulmates, it is more of a action game and RPG elements have almost disappeared. In fact, there are no statistics to increase other than health and attack power, which increases by defeating bosses and mini-bosses. There are also various skill trees that will enhance your character with unique moves. However, the combat system is much faster and more in-depth, based on blocking the enemy’s blows, deflecting them and breaking the opponent’s guard, eliminating him in a single blow.

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