The Texas Chain Saw Massacre gameplay trailer by ID@Xbox

Texas Chainsaw MassacreAsymmetric horror game developed by Sumo Digital, game trailers during’ID@Xbox Showcase tonight, with exactly one month to the game.

Available from August 18 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will throw us into the atmospheres and scenarios of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. film the original, at the behest of one of the film’s frightening family heroes or their potential victim.

After Daylight by Dead

As can be seen in the figure videoThe mechanics that characterize The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s gameplay are practically identical to the classic Dead by Daylight, so it’s an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which one player controls the villain and the other the survivors.

Of course, the iconic figures of the movie will be, above all, Leatherface with the chainsaw, and a certain degree of violence, especially in the murder scenes of the victims.

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