MythForce: ’80s cartoon-style action RPG release date on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

Among the many games presented during the ID@Xbox in July 2023, there is also Legendary ForceAction RPG reminiscent of the style of 80’s American cartoons. on the occasion of a new trailer and announced its release date: the game will be out of early access and will be available on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch from 2019. September 12, 2023.

There version 1.0 Three chapters of MythForce (available in early access only) will feature unlockable difficulty levels and online drop/drop co-op.

MythForce is an action RPG reminiscent of old cartoons.

MythForce a action role playing game Made by Beamdog and published by Aspyr, the first-person shooter is characterized by an inspiring graphic style very reminiscent of the 80’s western cartoons, definitely a plus for more experienced gamers.

It will also have roguelite mechanics, meaning if we’re beaten we’ll have to start all over again, but in return we’ll be a little stronger after each game, so the difficulty curve shouldn’t be frustrating.

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