The Crew Motorfest: Digital Foundry compares PS5 and Xbox Series

Digital Foundry publishes video analysis Crew Motorfestcomparing versions PS5, Xbox Series X and S Ubisoft’s open world racing game.

Overall, tech enthusiasts are happy with the overall look the game offers as you speed through the streets of Hawaii, but there are a number of less-than-successful elements: lighting and pop-in phenomenonI’m taking it away from perfection.

On PS5 and Xbox Series

Resolution and performance compared

According to Digital Foundry’s analysis, Performance mode On PS5 and Xbox Series, this preset is visually identical to the Quality mode, with the exception of resolution, lower draw distance, and some details that are harder to notice with the naked eye.

The frame rate targets 60fps and remains stable except for some ambiguities when a large number of cars appear on screen and drops around the 50fps threshold were noted during free exploration on PS5, slightly less on Xbox Series. influential. Other than that, the two consoles are basically on par with this preset.

There Quality mode It brings the resolution to 3840 x 2160p with very rare dips, but it comes at the cost of a frame rate stuck at 30fps. On PS5 the frame rate in this case is granitic, while on Xbox Series

Luckily on Xbox Series frame advance and tearA clear resolution of around 1440p drops to a maximum of 1152p.

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