Counter-Strike 2: Support for macOS and older systems will end soon

Valve announces end of support Counter Strike 2 On DirectX9 and 32-bit operating systems, as well as macOS. Overall, these users represent less than 1% of active CS players, Valve said.

“Counter-Strike 2 in the future will only support 64-bit Windows and LinuxValve explained in a statement: “If you cannot launch Counter-Strike 2 on current hardware, you may have access to an older version of CS:GO. Support for this version of CS:GO will end on January 1, 2024.”

There old version It is a locked build of the game and has all the features except official matchmaking. It will still be available after January 1, 2024, but some features based on game coordinator compatibility, such as inventory access, may be broken or may not work.

Luckily I Refunds for Prime status updates They are available until December 1st. DirectX 9 and Windows 32-bit users will be able to receive a refund if they made their purchases on Steam between the announcement of Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test on March 22 and the game’s release on September 27. MacOS users can get a refund if they spent most of their gaming time on macOS or played CS:GO on Mac during the same period.

Our Counter-Strike 2 review

Counter Strike 2

In our review, we explained to you: “A bit like the great explorers of the past, Valve chose to take a big bet – to further develop the world’s most popular FPS, wondering what lies beyond its horizon. The move to Source 2 is one of CS:GO’s years-long He was aware that making small improvements would probably undermine the great competitive gameplay he had painstakingly built, but after a few hours spent in Counter-Strike 2 lobbies, we can say that it was well worth it. Sure, the game’s launch was a bit rushed and missing a lot, but Valve’s goal was to make the shooter perfect. “He has all the time and willpower to come back for it. After all, Counter-Strike wasn’t built in a day.”

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