Starfield: Spencer assures Xbox framerate details will be forwarded before release

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games, Phil Spencer, boss of the Xbox division, gave players the confidence of Microsoft. will communicate clearly and with the right timing frame rate details related to star field On Xbox Series X|S prior to launch as opposed to what happened in Redfall.

Spencer talks about Redfall’s 30fps on console release, only revealed on: a few weeks after the release datecreates a lot of discontent and pessimism around the Arkane title, among other things. It’s a communications bug that “rightfully backfires” at Microsoft, in its own words.

It looks like Spencer doesn’t want to make the same mistake again, and Microsoft has promised to publicly communicate details about Starfield framerate (and we’re taking on other technical aspects) before release to avoid any misunderstandings with gamers.

Considering that Starfield will be the protagonist of a special event on June 11, 2023, given the last-minute glitches with the game’s release date, it’s reasonable to expect these details to be revealed on this occasion or in the weeks immediately following. set for 6 September 2023.

In the same interview, Spencer also revealed that Starfield is getting more support from Microsoft than Redfall, and this should avoid the technical issues seen in the Arkane title.

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