Diablo 4 star in a new trailer with press releases about the beta

Blizzard has released a new version. trailer For Diablo 4rather unusually focused public beta rewards has been staged in recent weeks as proof of the excellent feedback received from the game so far.

Usually, the “reward trailer” refers to the reviews, but in this case, Blizzard also wanted to record the positive comments received so far about the test version of Diablo 4, and so we see this short trailer for the open beta, complete with enthusiastic reviews. It took place in March.

In fact, the test in Diablo 4 seems to have convinced everyone a bit, even though it’s clear that it’s only a small part of the full game.

Meanwhile, a new beta is coming in the next few days with “Server Slam” set for May 12-14, meaning there will be a way to get back to the Diablo 4 world even before launch. We remind you that the game’s release for PC and console is set for June 6, 2023, and in the meantime, Diablo 4 is in its golden stage, so the development work has been completed and the title should not be delayed.

In addition to the commentary from the expert press, we see in the trailer, first of all, a montage of various cutscenes for Diablo 4.

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