Starfield: Initial video benchmarks with NVIDIA DLSS already show improvements over FSR

The first updates come with the beta update available today video comparisons Open star fieldusing NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 and AMD FSR 2.2 This has been the standard solution expected during the game’s release on PC so far, and the improvements look quite noticeable.

Even if we look at the two videos published by YouTuber MxBenchmarkPC with the beta application of the 1.8.83 update as of today and the expressed values, the results are quite clear.

Using DLSS 3.5 results in sensitive results advantageseven if it is not always clearly visible.

With app frame productionThe leap forward in frame rate compared to the use of FSR 2.2 is noticeable, but even without this technology the “simple” implementation of DLSS 3.5 has proven to be very effective, with greater image clarity and a boost variant in all cases. but in terms of performance it is always present.

Improvements already appear to be emerging

It must be said that the test configuration is no small feat, as it is a computer with an Intel i7 10700F as the CPU and NVIDIA RTX 4080 as the GPU, but it is not the most exclusive either.

The simple use of DLSS 3.5 provides a cost advantage of approximately 5-10%. yieldHowever, if the framing system is also applied, the delta increases.

From what we can see, Bethesda’s official patch generally performs better than even the previously released unofficial patch. Let’s see how the final version of the update will behave once it becomes available.

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