Starfield: First patch improves performance and fixes bugs in some missions

Allegedly came from Insider Gaming portal first patch notes related to star field Apparently for PC and Xbox Series X|S improves performance and solves various problemsIncluding those related to performing certain missions in the game.

As we reported on our pages just a few hours ago, the first Starfield patch is already available on Xbox Series X|S and PC for those who preload the game considering the game’s release date. 6 September 2023 or September 1 for Premium Edition purchasers.

Details on the first Starfield update

Microsoft and Bethesda have not yet shared the update notes from Tom Henderson’s portal sources, which you can read in full here. this address.

In the list of changes “various stability and performance improvementsAlso improved stability when suspending Xbox Series X|S, fixed a rare crash that could occur during final credits, and another crash caused by loading saves on ships.

Some corrections have also been made regarding the graphics industry. visual errorsLike anyone else causing NPCs hair loss and lowering texture quality on Xbox Series S. The view of distant objects has also been improved when reaching the surface of a planet, and an issue that caused movement has been fixed. animations of the characters.

There are also a lot of fixes on the gameplay side. For example, we fixed a bug that was causing the companions to fly through the air and not allowing the parts of the spaceship under construction to align correctly.

Finally, some quest-related issues have been fixed; some are minor, while others can potentially hinder the player’s progress through Starfield’s main and secondary missions, and luckily players won’t find them at the start.

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