Bonus gold and experience for a limited time thanks to Diablo 4: Mother’s Blessing

For a limited time starting this weekend, players Diablo 4 can benefit mother’s blessingtake a 25% bonus to gold and experience Obtained in both the Seasonal and Eternal Realms and in any activity regardless of World Level.

Especially Diablo 4 XP and Gold bonuses will be active From 19:00 on Friday, September 1, Italy Until the same time on Tuesday, September 5th. You will recognize this gift by the new in-game icon next to the potions, which indicates an increased rate of gold and XP obtained.

What do you think, will you take the opportunity to farm as much as possible?

Patch 1.1.3 is coming this week

Mother’s Blessing Weekend is not the only news for Diablo 4 players this week, even Blizzard has announced that patch 1.1.3 will be released on August 29. Official update notes with numerous fixes and changes to the abilities of normal and elite monsters are already available on the official website.

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