Sony: The infamous PlayStation conference at E3 2006 is now viewed in high quality

Keep up the great work of the YouTube channel “without clip Game History Archive”, in the preservation and recovery of “archaeological” documents relating to the history of video games, in this case full video infamous PlayStation conference at E3 2006 high quality.

It’s probably the first time we’ve had the opportunity to see the entire famous Sony PlayStation keynote at E3 2006 in this quality.

NoClip was able to recover the material and post it on YouTube. 1080p and 60fpsWith the possibility of viewing in 4K.

This will make it possible to review pearls It’s really cool to see it this good, as Kaz Hirai shouts “Riidge Raceeeer” or Giant Enemy Crab in the highest possible video quality, which at this point represents a bit of internet antiquity, referencing an event from almost 20 years ago.

The video was stitched together from material recorded in two HDCAM recordings from the original stream. NoClip reports that there are about 2 minutes of video left in the middle of the presentation, but considering it’s about 2 hours of material, there’s little to complain about.

The famous Sony PlayStation conference at E3 2006

Sony E3 2006, the moment PS3 price is announced

For those who weren’t there at the time or unfamiliar with the story, PlayStation’s E3 2006 turned out to be pretty good. famous for a series of unintentional jokes and especially moments embarrassingAs we shall now say, everything was extraordinarily concentrated in these two hours.

However, it is a video that manages to evoke a certain nostalgia because it is now a piece. history of video games moreover, considering that Sony has separated itself from E3 for years and the future of E3 is increasingly uncertain, it is connected to something we will almost never see again.

Many moments from the Sony keynote at E3 2006 became gods Humor: from the ones listed above to the “real-time weapon swap”, the awkward gestures made by the Warhawk developers to demonstrate the use of the six-axis sensor, and the shocking reveal of the PS3’s price. It definitely deserves a new viewing in its high definition glory.

We also reviewed an unreleased and never-released video from NoClip of the first presentation of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic recently.

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