Quantum Error better on PS5 for higher SSD than Xbox Series X|S per developer

Recently, TeamKill Media made a rather bizarre statement for a team developing a cross-platform game, and clearly stated that its quantum error Works Better than Xbox Series X|S on PS5because famous Superior SSD Sony console.

Given that Ratchet and Clank can even be used on a PC with a mechanical hard drive, as the PS5 SSD’s magic seems to have faded, came the tweet from TeamKill Media explaining how the Quantum Error was developed and encountered specifically for PS5. problems On the Xbox Series X|S, Sony explains that its console is the best platform to play the game in question.

Quantum Error is designed for PS5 SSD

According to TeamKill Media’s reports,optimization It takes longer on Xbox because the game seems limited to the SSD with a slower speed than that of the PS5, allowing instead to fully realize the majestic vision of said cosmic horror.

Whether that’s true or not, highlighting one version over the other turns out to be a rather odd idea for a team that needs to promote a game across multiple platforms. It must be said that Teamkill Media immediately adopted a clever communication strategy for its game, focused on getting Quantum Error talking as much as possible on Twitter.

We’ve seen something like this since the announcement of this standalone game, which immediately gained considerable notoriety when presented as one of the first games ever for PS5, but it will be out a few years later and will be multiplatform and cross-generational.

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