Sonic Chronicles was supposed to have a sequel, an old BioWare reveals some info

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood The Nintendo DS game remained a partially completed experiment as it would be the start of a series and predicted a sequelhowever, it was never performed as introduced by former BioWare’s Miles Holmes who worked on the project.

idea one role playing game BioWare-developed Sonic still certainly looks ambitious and very interesting today, but the release on the Nintendo DS has only realized a fraction of the project’s potential, and it was supposed to continue in the next few chapters, which explains the final chasm.

Holmes was the protagonist of an episode of the Game Did You Know series, revealing some of the backstory of this particular project going back 15 years. It seems that the same thing is among the reasons for the early ending of the series. Acquisition of BioWare by Electronic ArtsOccurring shortly before the launch of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, leading to a focus on other projects.

The game was released on the Nintendo DS in 2008 and ended with a game. hanging from the cliff Eggman has succeeded in conquering the world and seems intent on shaping it according to his will. Clearly an end that is open to further development, but that didn’t happen.

Holmes explained that some ideas for the sequel to Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood are already established and are related to the construction of an alternative game world. Eggman took overeven in his own image he changes his appearance.

The group of heroes would arrive on Earth and quickly find themselves separated, grappling with different challenges and adventures, and then meeting again later in the story.

The idea was to be able to form a kind of allied army to fight against Eggman’s troops, who meanwhile had become a kind of planetary tyrant.

In this conflict will also fall Argusa god mentioned only in the first chapter, which specifically raises the challenge and epic level, while also forcing enemies to team up for a new and more disturbing threat.

In short, the open ending of the first episode clearly leaves room for this sequel, which has never been developed and shelved by Sega and BioWare.

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