Somerville available for PS5 and PS4, fourth major update released

Development studio Jumpship announces availability of versions PS5 and PS4 related to somervilleA cinematic narrative adventure that follows in the footsteps of Limbo and Inside, with which it shared one of its writers. At the same time launch fourth update major which offers many new features for all versions.

Patch #4

Somerville continues to be supported

Patch #4 doesn’t do much in terms of content, it just fixes some persistent bugs. The biggest change is the introduction of eleven new languages: Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Ukrainian.

In total, the game has been translated into: twenty four languages. Among the various fixes is an issue with the use of international keyboards. All types are now supported.

Read our Somerville review for more information about the game.

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