Skyrim created some missions with one player ChatGPT AI –

Youtuber Joov posted an interesting video in which he wraps up a series. the quest related to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim created using ChatGPT AIas well as a number of mods to make everything more attractive.

Chat GPT is a free chatbot, an artificial intelligence designed to simulate conversations between people and constantly learning new expressions and concepts. Apparently, he is able to act as a Skyrim NPC and invent a task to entrust the player, as shown in the video below.

Let me clarify that there are still many limits, and in fact the assigned quests are not much more complex than the fetch quests created through The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’s Radiant system, but the result is still remarkable and ChatGPT’s efforts are trying to do just that. give context to everything.

For example, in the video, after several attempts, the chatbot pretends to be Tolfdir, a resident of Winterhold, who wants to involve the player in a dangerous deal with a dangerous Skooma (an object that actually exists in the game), a powerful analgesic. It can create enthusiasm and addiction like a drug.

Joov drew on the creativity of Chat GPT to create a series of missions and added some color to the whole by using Survival Mode and World Random Editor and Nemesis System mods. According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, an interesting experiment that partially demonstrates the potential of artificial intelligence in the video game industry will have a positive impact on the entire industry in the future.

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