Rockstar Says GTA Online Is Primarily Developed As A Singleplayer Experience –

On the contrary GTA Online has always been considered the multiplayer portion of Grand Theft Auto 5, rockstar games Over the years, it has changed its approach to developing new content and designed content as if it was designed primarily for a purpose.single player experience. At least that’s what design director Scott Butchard said in an interview with GamesRadar+ on the occasion of the game’s tenth anniversary.

Butchard explains that over time, the developers came to the conclusion that the right direction to take was to transform GTA Online as an essentially individual experience. social and multiplayer elements “side” to enrich and improve the game as a whole.

“Looking back, we initially pushed GTA Online primarily as a multiplayer experience – whether it was co-op or competitive, we felt the need to attract players and let them have fun together in a shared space,” Butchard said.

“Over time we realized that the game works best when you let it be played individually, the core experience can be changed and enhanced by playing with other people.”

GTA Online, Dr. It has received many extensive updates, such as The Covenant, in which Dre appears.

For example, Butchard robberiesit is now designed to be played by one or two people.

“We really started to coalesce when we started designing Heists to be playable with just one or two players, then building the original experience by adding social areas like Nightclubs or Casino that can act as a texture link for our players to move around with a team or from one solo experience to the next”.

In the same interview, Butchard explained that Rockstar Games would never expect the success of GTA Online over the years.

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