Shigeru Miyamoto believes Nintendo would stay the same without him –

Shigeru Miyamoto He spoke about his future in an interview. Nintendosaying that he is confident in his company will stay the same Moreover without it: The people who work there share a certain feeling that won’t change when he’s gone.

Describing 70 years as a master made last November, Miyamoto said, really close-knit working realitythat everyone finds themselves on the same side and they’re used to sharing new ideas to see if they’re marrying the Nintendo philosophy.

“You know what, I really don’t think things will change,” the legendary game designer said. “Everything will probably stay the same here. There are people among the executives, the creators within the company, and the people who made Mario – they all share this feeling of what it means to be Nintendo.”

“There are always new ideas, but every time we wonder if these new ideas have the essence of Nintendo. We share this kind of vision of how things are run, which can even be a little creepy at times. So no, I don’t think Nintendo will change.”

During the interview, Miyamoto also talked about the reasons behind Mario’s huge popularity, saying that it was not only because his games were selling well, but also because he was a character that spanned generations, and it was thanks to that. the interactive environment had a greater impact than the other figures.

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