EA seems to have fired hundreds of testers of Apex Legends and other games – Multiplayer.it

There is still no official information and it will probably be difficult to obtain precise information, but it seems that from various sources, electronic arts i did some mass layoffs especially those that will affect a part of it test equipmentmainly busy Apex Legends.

The issue was first reported by Kotaku through unidentified sources and later confirmed by Tom Henderson at Insider-Gaming, where we learned the total number should be approximate. 200 peopleAll (or almost) has dealt with Apex Legends in the Baton Rogue episode, but has also worked on a few other games before.

It seems that the matter arose completely suddenly, with a mysterious “forced meeting at Zoom” that took place in the last few hours, during which these 200 testers were actually fired. closing the entire Baton Rogue episode focused on game quality control and recently specialized in Apex Legends.

According to the sources consulted, it seems that even the department managers had no knowledge of the subject, so it appeared completely out of nowhere. At this point, we await any confirmation on the matter, as well as news of possible staff relocations, if foreseen.

We are in a very problematic period, especially in terms of the “technology” sector, with layoffs that continue uncomfortably even in giant companies, as we saw in Microsoft’s 10,000 staff cuts and Google’s 12,000 staff cuts for only 12,000 staff. about the last period.

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