Shadow of Erdtree, the legendary Let Me Solo Her ready to wear –

leave me aloneThe legendary Elden Ring player, who helped other players in trouble by killing Malenia many times, stated that when he takes off his cape, he will put it back on and return to the game. Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtreefirst expansion FromSoftware game.

Le Me Solo Her became famous not only for its exploits, but also for the clothes of PG, which practically transformed. naked except for the tight pant, a jar used as a helmet, and the holy katana. The community loves him so much that mods and drawings like the one below are dedicated to him.

In reality Let Me Solo Her continued to play the Elden Ring with a certain consistency, even with less intensity than when it ravaged the poor over and over again. MalaysiaAs he explained on Discord: “I’m not as active as when I was fighting Malenia. I’m currently exploring Interregnum by discovering new things I haven’t seen before. I have around 1,000 hours of gameplay and I’m proud of it.”

During the 1,000-hour Elden Ring, he also met some of his rivals, including Let Me Solo Her, Let Us Duo Her, Let Me Solo Them and Let Kratos Solo. she took great joy from it.

Consider Let Me Solo Her stop. official count Malenia’s kill rate is at 1,000, but according to her, she may have eliminated her 4,000 times using six different characters.

Elden said he’s looking forward to her in Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, despite the suppressed announcement. He wants to see some very powerful bosses to fight, as well as more content about Miquella and the Interregnum from the past. The hope is that Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will do what souls’ DLCs normally do, namely add the strongest bosses ever: “I fought against Malenia because I liked her design and moves. DLC, I’ll probably wear the cape again.”

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