launch patch will fix rain criticized by players –

Resident Evil 4 Remake Capcom will propose a new graphic design for the classic, but not everything seems perfect: gamers are actually complaining about the graphics quality of the game. rain. Fortunately, the Osaka team has confirmed that the launch patch will correct the water effect.

The information comes from an interview given. Press Start by Hirabayashi YoshiakiThe producer of Resident Evil 4 Remake said: “We’ve seen the reaction of players to the impact of the rain and are working on a patch to launch fixes.”

To be precise, Resident Evil 4 Remake fans told what the rain looked like very busy and intense and visually the water drops cover the view too much. But it’s not clear how Capcom wants to improve the situation: it can reduce the intensity or find alternative ways to change the visual impact.

We know that patch 1.02, which will weigh 4 GB, is coming. The full game should instead weigh around 67GB before the update is installed. Finally, we remind you that a free demo is coming for various platforms, but it is not yet clear when it will be available.

But we do know that the reviews are coming next week.

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