Saudi Arabia is building a $38 billion gaming center

According to Bloomberg, the governmentSaudi ArabiaThe unit under the command of Prince Bin Salman was to be “about to create”.game centers” $38 billion in the heart of the country. This is the latest step in a long-standing effort to diversify investments and become a leading industrial nation. Currently, the Saudi Arabian economy is almost entirely focused on oil.

He will lead the company that was already discussed last year but is now better summarized. Knowledgeable Playgroupwas also founded by Bin Salman, who primarily wanted to buy or set up a company that would allow the creation of new intellectual property in the country. Considering that Savvy Gaming Group has been investing in the eSports world by buying parts from well-established companies in the industry such as Nintendo, EA and Take-Two, there are many investments in this sense. But things will soon change because, as the CEO stated, the goal is to become a video game publisher. Brian Ward:

“Right now we’re more of an esports company than a gaming company. What we’re going to do this year is to focus more on game publishing and development. We want to ask how we can collaborate with these companies to start working with and publishing these investments. Manage and jointly manage esports businesses in the Middle East and North Africa. Develop new intellectual property.”

The change in perspective with the development and broadcasting seems to have resulted from the failure of the export sector, which was at the center of the first project and struggling to integrate.

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