Ark: Survival Evolved: Angry players paid for free upgrade

Stduio Wildcard’s announcement regarding the shutdown of Ark: Survival Evolved servers to make room for the updated version, Ark: Survival Risenwhich one will be payment after all, it has literally infuriated many gamers, especially those who have been part of the Ark series community for years. The problem is that the update was promised as: free to all gamers, but now the cold shower has come.

When the Ark: Survival Ascended update arrives, those who want to continue playing on public servers will need to purchase it for $49.99 on PC and Xbox (it will come bundled) Arc 2) and for $39.99 on PlayStation consoles. Non-payers will be able to continue playing, but only on private servers. Additionally, paying players will see their savings automatically transferred to the new version of the game. DLC will also need to be repurchased with passes.

Naturally, this was not well received by the community, as the mention of the free update was very clear, as highlighted in the following Reddit post:

with u/IWonByDefault inside ARC

It should be said that he did not even like it. Packets Due to the fact that the game, which has not yet been seen with Ark 2, has been delayed to the end of 2024 in the meantime and it is not known how it will actually turn out.

In short, it’s a combination of broken promises, new monetary expenditures to continue enjoying something you already have, the impossibility of continuing to play with the original game (except for dedicated servers), and having to buy a game that’s almost unknown. , to be optimistic, produced a real hornet nest that will be released in almost two years, unclear how the developers will react.

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