Rumor has it The Division 3 is not currently in development at Ubisoft –

It seems so Chapter 3 not now under development: according to some close sources ubisoftThe company would not have plans for the series at this time, so it would be interrupted after the positive results with the second episode.

As you may recall, The Division 2 debuted on Steam with a 70% discount in January as part of a strategy that saw the French house’s catalogue. gradually return to the Valve digital platform disappear after years

The lack of projects related to The Division is actually surprising, considering the franchise has sold anything like this so far. 20 million copies and so it remains an important asset for Ubisoft, especially at a not-so-happy time for the company.

Speaking of which, it looks like The Division 2’s post-launch support has taken a hit due to a recent issue. serious technical problemand the developers have announced that the launch of last season’s new content can only happen after this issue is resolved.

However, The Division Heartland spin-off, announced in May 2021, remains an active project and is currently in development by Red Storm Entertainment and is expected to be released later this year.

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