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Soon Hand Ring it could be updated with support for ray tracing. There are no announcements regarding this at the moment, but some changes to the game database on Steam, detected by SteamDB, immediately made us think that something big was coming.

There was Sekiro Dubi, who is particularly known for highlighting various movements. Data Miner FromSoftware is busy studying data from Interregnum, to which we owe many discoveries regarding the game and the restoration of some cut content.

Sekiro Dubi: “Elden Ring got my attention by SteamDB… While I don’t know what that means, I can only say it smells like the famous ray tracing patch. Tomorrow?”

In a later message, Sekiro Dubi highlighted another change to the game’s Steam database (from the second of the tweets above), which further reinforced his suspicions.

Naturally, everything should be handled carefully and nothing should be taken lightly, at least until the official announcement. Of course, we certainly wonder how ray tracing would affect the graphical rendering of a game like Elden Ring. We hope to find out soon.

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