Quantum Break is reusable on Xbox, PC and Game Pass

Quantum break it is again available Open Xbox, PC and Game Pass: announced that Aaron Greenberg, vice president of marketing for Xbox, thanked gamers for being patient until the return of the awesome action shooter weblog Remedy Entertainment.

Quantum Break, which was removed from Steam and Microsoft Store, as well as Xbox Game Pass earlier this month, has some licenses over the years it expires and needs to be renewed, so its sudden disappearance and absence for several days.

The game’s return in stores and in the Xbox Game Pass catalog is the perfect opportunity to redeem the gripping adventure of Jack Joyce, which combines spectacular action sequences and vivid footage with a cast including Shawn Ashmore, Aidan Gillen and the late Lance. reddick.

Want more reasons to keep downloading? You can find them all in our Quantum Break review.

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