Humanity: A long gameplay video explains this weird puzzle game

Development studio Enhance Games and publisher PlayStation new trailer existential puzzle game humanityshows the game in action for more than twenty-five minutes. The video details the main game mechanics and the various situations that the player will have to face in order to reach the end of the 90 complex levels that make up it.

Let’s see the video:

Note that many of the levels shown belong to the following. official demo. Regardless, if you don’t want to get tips on how to fix them, it’s better not to watch the video because in some cases the solution is basically shown.

In Humanity, the player plays the role of a light dog who must guide humanity by barking. Humans are like Lemmings and keep walking until they find an obstacle or a cliff, unaware of the dangers that surround them.

Our task is to literally direct them towards the light by issuing commands that need to be placed on the map boxes. So you can tell it to spin, back up, jump or change some attributes like lightness. While the missions are usually in real time, there are also missions where you have to give all your orders in advance and you can’t interfere during the action.

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