Prime Video mocks Netflix’s password sharing block

As you know by now, Netflix He continues his plan. prevent password sharing, with the goal of increasing earnings by directing groups of people to create individual accounts. Frankly, it’s not a policy favored by consumers, given that Netflix was in favor of this procedure until a few years ago. Now, another video streaming service has decided to give it some publicity by making fun of its rival. Let’s talk about Prime VideosIt’s even more precise than the UK version on Twitter.

As you can see below, Prime Video UK shared an image that is some kind of meme. Shows the Prime Video login screen with six different accounts registered. “Who is watching?” When asked, the answer consists of the names of the accounts or “Anyone who knows our password” with a small heart at the end.

Not only that, the tweet is now in response to The infamous Netflix tweet from 2017 “Love is sharing a password,” he said. Of course, that expression hasn’t aged well.

Obviously, as mentioned, Prime Video UK he’s using his opponent’s momentary weakness to gain some publicity. Likely to be in the same situation a few years from now, this tweet is itself a mockery.

Only time will tell how things work out, but for now, the Amazon Prime UK tweet is (sadly) hilarious.

One similarity between Prime and Netflix is ​​that they both carry games on their respective services. When it comes to Netflix, we remind you of the free games for May 2023: one is coming next week.

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