Days Gone 2: former game director said it could be ready a month ago, community manager “responded”

This Playstation Showcase Pretty much everyone has seen Sony, including former Bend Studio game Jeff Ross, who served as game director for Days Gone. The man commented, stating that the show made him think of the following fact: Days Gone 2 If the team had trusted it, it would have come out last month. Sideways, but perhaps in “answer” to Ross, the Bend Studio community manager commented on the team’s work.

Openly, Ross He wrote: “These PlayStation Showcases have made me a little sad because they do nothing but remind me that Days Gone 2 could have been released a month ago if we trusted.”

Ross’ issue is based on Days Gone, which aired on April 26, 2019. four years It is a reliable time for the continuation of an AAA. Bend Studio’s new game should instead have a new IP and therefore takes longer because all intellectual property must be created first.

We don’t know if this comment was one of the reasons for the tweet. Bend Studio community manager or if the team realizes that a certain section of the public is upset that the team didn’t show anything during the PlayStation Showcase. In any case, his words were: “Social media is a great place to interact with people and share your passions. It’s also a tricky space to use due to misinformation and false hope. Silence is often key, but it’s hard. All I can say is, it’s very hard to make the best Bend game. we’re working on.”

He then continued: “This is best group of people I have enjoyed working together so far. The culture, the support, the top-down trust makes me incredibly proud to be here. The next generation of Bend Studio is here, fasten your seat belts.”

In short, it’s too early to know exactly what Bend Studio members are working on. We have to wait and trust that the new game is of good quality.

In fact, instead of the games shown during the PlayStation Showcase, you can find the ten most watched trailers here.

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