Pokémon Garland Comfey – Available on Multiplayer.it

Pokémon Merge welcome from today Pokémon Comfey Wreathgraceful and floral creature floating on Heos Island to collect flowers and join the ranks of Pokémon Support long range, available to users today.

With the ability to bond with allies and use the blooms it has accumulated to power up support moves, Garland Pokémon can be quite important in supporting teammates. You can get Comfey in return. 12,000 Heos Coins or 575 Heos Stones At the Lotta Unite Association. Comfey can only be obtained in exchange for Heos Gems for the first seven days after it becomes available.

L’talent Comfey’s Primacure is based on collecting flowers: The creature gains one flower after a certain amount of time has passed, and four flowers when it enters tall grass. It can have up to eight clubs. When Comfey uses Synthesis, Flower Healing, or Sweet Kiss, all his flowers are consumed and the effect of the movement is increased. Additionally, Comfey’s movement speed is increased when near an ally with half or less remaining HP.

Comfey can bond with an ally when using Synthesis, Flower Healing, or Sweet Kiss. Comfey cannot be hit while attached and gradually recovers HP and can remain attached to an allied Pokémon until Knocked Out or using Comfey Unleash. When his ally has accumulated Heo’s energy above its maximum, Comfey takes the excess energy.

When his ally scores, Comfey scores with the same energy. All three of Comfey’s basic attacks transform into an empowered attack, gaining two flowers and dealing damage. Among the creature’s special moves we find the 6th level move Magic Leaf, Grassy Lasso and others that make Comfey a really interesting Pokémon, as well as the Whip, which can attack the enemy with vines with an area of ​​effect. you have in your group.

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