Asian action RPG coming in summer –

Also from Taipei Game Show 2023, Sword and Fairy 7 Open Xbox Game PassIt will come to the catalog of the Microsoft subscription service with the action RPG from the Taiwanese Softstar Technology team. Summer.

There release date The release of Sword and Fairy 7 on Game Pass is set for July 6, 2023, so it’s still quite a ways off, but it’s apparently already in agreement with Microsoft. The game has already been available on PC and consoles since last November and represents another example of the Chinese developers’ obvious passion for the action RPG genre, in this case also made with substantial technical tools.

It is part of a series that is currently running quite long and is appreciated above all at home, but has also achieved excellent results in the West. The setting, inspired by Chinese mythology, and especially between this episode, introduces a fairly well-structured real-time action combat system.

In addition to the particular attention given to the narrative, Sword and Fairy 7 also stands out with these battles that go beyond the standard tradition of the series and have so far been mainly linked to turn-based combat. But in this case, the role-playing game becomes almost a real third-person action, with the possibility of combining attacks between different characters and using various special techniques and skills.

While not very well known here, the addition of such a title represents a big deal for Microsoft, given the scale the Sword and Fairy series has reached at home.

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