PlayStation: Booth fired by Sony, developers furious over live service push for Jaffe

David Jaffe posted a video in which he returned to explain what was going on. game station In these weeks. According to that Connie Booth He wouldn’t leave of his own free will, but he would be fired. Moreover, many at PlayStation Studios would be outraged by this change live service of the company.

Considering the connections he will establish over the years within the company with which he worked until a few years ago and for which he created important series, Jaffe can definitely be considered a reliable source when talking about the inner realities of PlayStation. God of War and Twisted Metal. The information reported in the latest video was provided to Booth by two internal people at PlayStation who had the opportunity to speak directly with Booth.

Jaffe started by talking about the human side of the issue, namely that Booth spent most of his life at PlayStation, where he was a production manager, and therefore he was fired, meaning he was also laid off. He did not retire voluntarily. Moreover, it seems he wasn’t even given any advance notice, which is pretty sad if true, considering he’s been with the company for over three decades and is behind some of PlayStation’s biggest successes.

Jaffe later revealed that the same thing had been done for other company executives, including SIE’s former chairman. Shawn Layden“was literally escorted out of the building.”

As for live services, their link attributes the milestone to: jim ryan, would be convinced by someone at PlayStation that they were the future. So he would demand that PlayStation Studios start developing them. Naturally, this decision wouldn’t go down well with many, given that most teams specialize in making cinematic single-player games, as Insomniac Games demonstrated once again with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

This choice would therefore upset many studios; So much so that there was great discontent when the Naughty Dog game (The Last of Us multiplayer) was cancelled. For those wondering: no, even if you’re Naughty Dog, you can’t go to the CEO of your parent company and tell him you don’t want to do what you’re told.

Many people blamed Booth for this situation, but that is not the case, according to Jaffe, who sought more information on the subject. In any case, for what was going on in Neil Druckmann’s studio, the manager would have been fired, with his team following suit.

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