Blasphemous 2 trailer with release date and credits on PS4 and Xbox One

swearing 2 finally there is one release date picture on PS4 and Xbox OneIt is set for November 2. At the same time, the traditional trailer, which was appreciated by the international press, was also released.

Considering Blasphemous 2 got really good ratings, video It’s clear that The Game Kitchen is full of enthusiastic words about the next installment of the series.

Excellent sequel

According to our Blasphemous 2 review, the developers have done a truly excellent job.Enrich and improve the original formula While solidifying the fascinating lore of the series.

The second chapter finds the resurrected Penitent to face terrifying foes and prevent the birth of a new Wonder Son by wielding three different weapons and utilizing revamped and improved skills.

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