PixelOpus: Former PlayStation boss regrets studio closure

Shawn LaydenThe former head of Sony Worldwide Studios expressed his disappointment with the project. closing related to PixelOpus By Sony, which will be operational from June 2, 2023.

Layden: “This has been a huge blow. It has been a pleasure working with this team and watching them grow to make the incredible Concrete Genie by challenging traditional genres while maintaining a culture of support, engagement and challenge. Now a new one awaits you.” Adventure. I wish all team members only the best.”

In Layden’s words, it’s a little regrettable considering that PixelOpus was augmented during his administration. Layden left PlayStation shortly before the launch of Concrete Genie.

Too bad, because we will never know what this talented and creative team is working on. In the meantime, we can expect ten live service games that other PlayStation Studios are working on, perhaps hoping that one will be announced at the PlayStation Showcase, which is rumored to be out at the end of May.

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