Phil Spencer reveals Microsoft is trying to buy Zynga before Take Two

Among the many background stories that emerged during today’s hearing between the FTC and Microsoft was also the following statement: Microsoft have Tried to buy Zyngabefore it was later bought in bulk by Take Two Interactive.

During today’s questioning, the head of Xbox talked about Microsoft’s difficulties trying to enter the market. mobile market. Spencer explained that mobile users generally do not want the same experiences on consoles, and console users do not want mobile-specific experiences.

This creates a certain rift in a company that is heavily organized in the development of console and PC games and finds itself unprepared to properly cover the mobile segment. So Microsoft’s idea was to try to buy Zynga, but the company in question was instead bought by Take Two for $12.7 billion. biggest purchase in the history of the game market.

Spencer said Microsoft spent some time researching the acquisition, but was unsuccessful and set its sights on King in the Activision Blizzard conglomerate. Purchasing this according to Microsoft’s plans will immediately guarantee easier access to the mobile market.

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